Catering Pro

The Cost Genie Catering Pro software program costs out Food, Bar, Labor, Equipment and “Other” costs associated with special event support. Plus, the program includes a full featured Contact Management file – a productivity bonus. Here’s what you can do:

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See typical Catering Pro pages below:

(Above) The “Catering” tab takes you to the “Catering File” with the Events List Form displayed.

(Above) The “Event SetUp” tab allows you to input all pertinent Event data.


(Above) Click on “Food Cost” to enter Food Items for an Event.


Food Items work the same way as Recipes. Type in the first 3-4 letters of the item and select it from the Inventory or Recipe file.




  1. We have entered our customer into the “Client File”
  2. We have created our Menu and have it “costed out”
  3. If liquor is to be served we have entered the items and cost
  4. We have inputted the number of staff, hours and cost
  5. We have added in Equipment and Other Costs
  6. We have analyzed our P&L for the event
  7. We have created a Proposal
  8. We have created an invoice
  9. We have created a Shopping List
  10. We have created a Kitchen Sheet (Load/Prep)
  11. After the event we adjust our P&L for returns and additions to get an exact and total cost of the event.

All of the items listed above are included in our Cost Genie Catering Pro Program. Here are samples of a typical Proposal, Shopping List and Kitchen Load Sheet.




Questions? call (909) 723 -3140

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