Cost Genie 3.5

Cost Genie 3.5CostGenie 3.5 is the must-have money saving utensil in the food service industry. Easy to learn and easy to use, the Cost Genie recipe costing program instantly takes the guess work out of costing your inventory, recipes, menus and catering events.

Cost Genie provides big time restaurant chain analysis and back-of-the-house control for the independent owner. With the Cost Genie “connected” modules – Inventory, Recipes, Menu Items and Catering – you can change the cost of a tomato and food costs and profit margins are updated throughout – from your gourmet hamburger to your favorite tomato sauce.

Problems with Inventory control? No more running out of food and ruining your food costs by paying grocery store prices. Plan on running a special? Know what it will cost you, before you put it on the menu. Once you know your true food costs, your servers can suggest menu items that have the highest profit margins.

Finally, the recipe file for your prep and line items can include a picture of your prepared plate to ensure your menu items look and taste exactly the same, no matter which shift is working. Consistency your customers will appreciate!

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No matter what other program you use or have seen, there is nothing that performs like CostGenie 3.5.

Some of Cost Genie’s unique features are:



  1. Lower your food cost and save time. We’ll extend your inventory instantly, identify shrinkage problems, track receiving, automate purchasing, audit pricing and keep as much history as you want. Our incredible variety of reports is completely customizable. Inventory control has never been so easy!
  2. Taking a physical inventory creates control-both perceived as well as real. As a manager/owner counting what’s is in the house every week assists in ordering, stock rotation and getting actual food and liquor cost numbers. As an employee it creates the impression that you, the owner/manager are in control of thousands of dollars worth of product on your shelves.
  3. Invoices – Purchase entry the most time consuming part of the inventory system, has been simplified…just point and click to select the items or click as ordered.
  4. With a click of a button the inventory changes from food to liquor.
  5. Those long hours spent taking and extending inventory become a thing of the past. Inventory time is cut drastically and the time spent extending is eliminated. Combine that with cost of goods, inventory level, item usage, price fluctuation, suggest re order and other system reports, it will be easy to see your profits rise.
  6. Detect theft, over portioning and creeping vendor prices.
  7. More


  1. Our recipe program is a tremendous food-costing tool. You’ll have instant “pre-cost: information based on your current food prices. No more guesswork, no more surprise food cost fluctuations. Standardized recipes mean greater consistency, better food cost, and more satisfied customers. Re-work your current recipe and develop new concepts in a snap.

Menu Items:

  1. Of all the business decisions restaurant operators make, determining menu prices can be the trickiest, and most perplexing. Deciding on when to increase prices and to what extent can be an agonizing task for new and experienced restaurateurs alike. Price too low and the difference between your actual price and what you should be charging comes right off your bottom line. Price too high and you may lose customers.
  2. We provide you the tools to help make these decisions.
  3. Now you can be competitive, stay on budget and put more to your bottom line.

Nutrient Analysis:

  1. CG 3.5 can give you complete Nutrient Analysis for Inventory Items, Recipes and Menu Items.

Sales Analysis:

  1. Track your sales information for any period of time. CG 2.0 provides an instant analysis of your most/least popular and profitable items. Customized reports help you make informed decisions about menu cost-effectiveness, Sales analysis provides instant “perfect” or “theoretical” food costs based upon current inventory costs.

Vendor Interface:

  1. This capability alone will save you countless hours. If your supplier can provide and accept data electronically, then Vendor Interface will link your data with your supplier. Note: (This is an EDI Electronic Data Interchange).

Interfaces and Devices:

  1. CG 3.5 can interface with most POS Systems and most hand held devices.

Bar Control:

  1. Gives you amazing control of multiple bars.
    a. Creates a custom breakage sheet for each bar. Totals all bar breakage and remove it from your storage location inventory.
    b. Allow you to create a report of the breakage vs. sales on each bar. Give you a bar cost each day.
    c. Maintain a perpetual bar inventory
    d. Set par for each bar
    e. Cost our you beverage menu and tells you what your bar cost should be
    f. Evaluates the difference between theoretical and your actual bar cost

These are just a few of the many features and benefits contained in CostGenie 3.5. This innovative food costing program is …


Questions? Call (909) 723 -3140

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