Cost Genie’s Restaurant Inventory Management software makes inventory control easy!  This simple to learn, user friendlyprogram features:

Instantly extend your inventory, identify shrinkage, track receiving, automate purchasing, audit pricing and keep as much history as you want. Plus, there’s an incredible variety of completely customizable reports.

Taking a physical inventory creates control – both perceived as well as real. As a manager/owner counting what’s is in the house every week assists in ordering, stock rotation and having actual food and liquor costs at your finger tips. Bottom line: you are in control of the thousands of dollars worth of product on your shelves.

Invoices – Purchase entry the most time consuming part of the inventory system, has been simplified. Just point and click to select the items or click as ordered. And, with a click of a button, change from food to liquor.

If you have any questions call (909) 723 -3140

See typical Inventory pages below:

(Above) This is the Inventory List.  It contains your “pre-loaded” product list.
(Below) The Item SetUp form is where you add or edit an Inventory (Ingredient) item.

(Above) The Report & Forms List is where you access Worksheets, Report, Ordering Form etc.
(Below) The Item SetUp form is where you add or edit an Inventory (Ingredient) item.

(Above) The History/Report Form is where you will find the Inventory Taken,
Price Change and Purchase/Receiving History.
(Below) The Recipe Yields List accesses over 500 yields for setting up
the yield for each ingredient.

If you have any questions call (909) 723 -3140

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