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Of all the business decisions restaurant operators make, determining menu prices can be the most perplexing.  Deciding on when to increase prices and to what extent can be an agonizing task for new and experienced restaurateurs alike.

Now you can be competitive, stay on budget and add more “profit” to your bottom line. Cost Genie Menu Costing Software provides you with unique Menu Engineering tools to help you make these decisions.  Menu Engineering helps you understand the relative profitability and popularity of your menu items so you can make better menu planning, design and pricing decisions.

Cost Genie helps managers, owners and chefs recognize their most popular and profitable menu items as well as those that do not contribute to the restaurants bottom line. It also allows for finer menu planning by revealing, for example, a popular but unprofitable item which can be “re-engineered” to provide more profit.  Menu Engineering places more emphasis on the contribution margin concept as opposed to food cost percentage.

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See typical Menu Item pages below:

By clicking on “Item SetUp” (shown in black above) you can:
• Add a new Menu Item
• Print a Menu
• Create a Menu Item Nutrition List
• Create Menu Engineering Reports
• Import Items sold from you POS
• Create a Line Item Recipe

Cost Genie has nutrition lists for Menu Items and Recipes.

Create a Restaurant Menu

(Can be one or two columns.)

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