Cost Genie Software Titles

Cost Genie 3.5 Restaurant Menu Costing Program – The complete menu costing program. No more guesswork, no more surprise food cost fluctuations. Standardized recipes mean greater consistency, better food cost control and more satisfied customers. Also includes our dynamic Catering Module that creates proposals and invoices as well as production/drop off sheets and a P&L for each party. Many other features too … like a contact management file with event histories.Questions? Call (909) -723 -3140 orĀ Learn More >>>

Cost Genie 3.5 – $595.00

Cost Genie Cycle Menu Program – Ideal for any Institutional facility. Features multiple menus (standard, costed & portion) plus includes production sheets and other unique features.Questions? Call (909) 723-3140 or Learn More >>>

CG Cycle Menu Program – $295.00

Sales price for all programs includes a 1-year customer support program.
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