Cost Genie 3.5 Recipe Costing software allows you to create unlimited recipes that can easily be “scaled” to the number of servings needed. You can insert pictures and find and sort by name, type, category, recipe source, current menu, etc.

A key feature is the program’s ability to provide the “calculated weight” if you don’t know a recipe’s yield.  This allows quick costing and gives you time to verify the yield.  All, with the click of a button!

You’ll have instant “pre-cost: information based on your current food prices. No more guesswork, no more surprise food cost fluctuations. Standardized recipes mean greater consistency, better food cost, and more satisfied customers. Re-work your current recipe and develop new concepts in a snap.

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See typical Recipe Development pages below:

(Above) Clicking on the Recipe Icon takes you to the Recipe File with the “Recipe List” Form showing.

(Above) To create a new recipe or to see the “item set up” you click on the number to the left of the

recipe name or click on the recipe and then select”Item SetUp” from the tab bar.

This takes you to the Item SetUp Form.  We have eliminated as much typing as possible.

(Below) Look at the next screen shot. The arrow is pointing to a “Hint” column.

Simply type the first 3-4 letters of an ingredient and a Pop-up list of suggested items will appear.

Highlight the correct ingredient for your recipe and press the “Enter Button” and

the entire description as previously entered in your inventory is filled in automatically.



(Below) There are two (2) versions of Recipe Cards: Cooks & Managers.


Below is the Managers Version (The Cooks version is the same except it does not include costing data.)





Summary: The Recipe File














Other Recipe File Features



Nutrition Facts with:
USDA Eval – Components breakdown by recipe with largest item first
NLEA Label – Nutrition Facts Labels with ingredients









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